A collection of things that our dear friend Dyesha enlightens our lives with.


My picture wasn’t really good, but it also didn’t leave me asking myself what happened between when they pressed the camera and when I smiled. It was average.

Dyesha talking about her yearbook picture

Dyesha: I know you guys love my quotes, so here's one for you!

Dyesha: *Can't think of anything intelligent to say and walks away*

They said when I was little that when I grow up I was gonna turn into bread.

Dyesha eating a breadstick

"My sister told me if I got soap in my eye, I’d turn into a dragon."

"Seema, take off that hijab so you can hear!"

I’m broke, busted, and can’t be trusted.

Dyesha’s Words of Wisdom

Spanish Teacher: Sintetico

Dyesha: What does that mean?

Teacher: Synthetic

Dyesha: Like my hair!